Food of the American South – Georgia

Georgia on my Mind


From cascading waterfalls in the North Georgia mountains to the rugged beaches on the eastern coastline, the state of Georgia is at once diverse and magnificent.

















Diverse also is the history of Georgia, was originally settled by the Spanish, then included as one of the 13 British Colonies and named after King George II of England before finally forming a part of the United States as we know it today.


Sweet and Savoury

The region’s red clay soil and warm weather create perfect growing conditions for some of the sweetest and juiciest fruit that is enjoyed all over the world.  Peaches are the most iconic fruit produced in Georgia and feature from one end of the menu to the other in cocktails and cobblers and everything in between. There is also find over 50 types of apple, and acre upon acre of blueberries which satisfy the local appetite for regional specialities such as fried apple pies and blueberry jelly.
















Specializing in all things sweet, Georgia, is also home to the remarkably mild and sweet Vidalia Onion. These onions are a trademark of Georgia and can only be produced in the area of Vidalia – as the locals will tell you, all Vidalia Onions are sweet, but not all sweet onions are Vidalias!

For the savoury side of the palate, Fried okra is another southern speciality that Georgians have perfected.  This sun-loving vegetable is part of the Orchid family and the okra plant produces vibrant orchid-like blooms. The vegetable itself is often served in a cornmeal batter and has become a family favourite.


Nuts in abundance… 


The southern plains of Georgia also are also home to an abundance of pecan groves and peanut farms.  Although pecans are native to Mississippi, it is Georgia where the commercial production began in the late 1800’s. and they now produce about 88 million pounds per year, enough to make 176 million pecan pies!  Pecans are used in a variety of dishes, including this rich and flavorful ice cream known as Butter Pecan.

Peanuts are also grown commercially, and ex-President Jimmy Carter once ran the Carter family’s 3000-acre peanut farm in this region.  Boiled peanuts are a regional specialty and of course a huge quantity of nuts are turned into the All-American favourite, Peanut Butter.

Boiled peanuts are a favourite regional snack and game-day necessity, and of course, a huge quantity of nuts are also turned into the All-American favourite – Peanut Butter.














Georgia – Yet another Southern state with such diversity of lands and foods. Whether you have a sweet tooth or keep towards the savoury side, Georgia’s array of produce specialties will satisfy your cravings.


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