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CUT YOUR BUDGET……….while still enjoying our incredible collection of recipes and inspiration!

Times are difficult everywhere – and Argentina is definitely no exception! If your household budget does allow you to afford a full price subscription, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your generous support for the education of OneSchool students in the Argentine.

However – we’re all in this together! So, to support our community through these uncertain times, El Gusto is offering 6 months subscription at a 50% discount. ONE payment of $19.50 USD provides unlimited access to all El Gusto content for 6 months. That’s like a Premium Subscription for only $3.25 USD per month!

This special offer subscription will expire at the end of 6 months. When that time comes, we truly hope that you will have proved the value and inspiration that an El Gusto subscription provides and will be able to re-subscribe for the long term. Thank you, also, for your support for the education of OneSchool students in Argentina – it means the world to us.

Our global team of volunteers works hard every day to make El Gusto the best recipe & cooking resource that it can possibly be. Thank you for believing in us!

Pricing is in USD. All payments are secure. 

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$19.50 for 6 months

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